Morrison GOP Hosted County Convention, House District 9B Republicans Endorsed Rep. Ron Kresha



Morrison GOP Hosted County Convention, House District 9B Republicans Endorsed Rep. Ron Kresha

The Morrison County Republicans held their annual convention on Saturday, February 24, 2017 at the Little Falls Middle School where they heard from speakers, elected delegates and alternates to the 8th Congressional District and Minnesota Republican State Conventions, and brought forth resolutions to the Minnesota Republican Platform.

The speakers included Minnesota Senate Majority Leader, Senator Paul Gazelka, from Senate District 9, Minnesota House Majority Whip, Representative Ron Kresha from House District 9B, and gubernatorial candidate Keith Downey. Representatives spoke on behalf of gubernatorial candidates Jeff Johnson, Phillip Parrish, and Mary Giuliani Stephens. Letters were also read by representatives on behalf of U.S. Senate candidate Jim Newberger, U.S. Senate candidate Karin Housley, and Attorney General candidate Doug Wardlow.

At the convention, delegates and alternates were also elected to represent Morrison County Republicans at the 8th Congressional District Convention on May 5 and the Minnesota Republican State Convention which will be held June 1-2. This year, 21 delegates were elected from Morrison County: Mike Schultz, Ken Toenies, Mandy Heffron, Isaac Schultz, Steve Wenzel, Sam Toenies, Joyce Heffron, Ruby Toenies, Patty Wilczek, Steve Lastovich, Jim Chandler, Stephanie Lastovich, Jim Salvog, Walt Edin, Patty Commerford, Greg Blaine, Tom Wilczek, Aleta Edin, Lynn Woitalla, Jeff Czech, and David Morisette. There were also 15 alternates elected: Zach Baert, Loren Morey, Loren Heffron, Aaron Olson, Becky Olson, John Justin, John Ulrick, Joe Houdek, Ken Rosha, Steve Johnson, Mike LeMieur, Karen Koshenina, Ron Kresha, Bob Blonigen, Christopher Ulrick, Linda Ulrick.

“We have a great delegation that will be representing our county Republicans at the next levels,” said Mandy Heffron, Chair of the Morrison County Republicans, “It is a great mix of our longtime activist and volunteers, as well as many new people who are enthusiastic about being apart of the grassroots process.”

The final order of business was to discuss and vote on resolutions which would change or make additions to the party platform. All resolutions passed and will proceed to the congressional level.

After the adjournment of the Morrison County Republican Convention, the House District 9B Republicans met to endorse a Republican candidate for House. House District 9B consists of precincts from Morrison and Todd County.

The endorsing convention unanimously endorsed Representative Ron Kresha as our Republican Candidate to run again for House District 9B.

“We are honored to endorse Rep. Kresha again. He is someone who supports our local conservative values. He is a great candidate for our area because he is pro-life, pro-family, and pro-second amendment,” said Heffron. “We look forward to helping him win again in November!”

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Kresha at Morrison County Convention 2018
Rep. Kresha speaking at the Morrison County Republican Convention on Feb. 24th, 2018.

Morrison GOP’s October Meeting will feature U.S. Senate Candidate, Rep. Jim Newberger


Morrison GOP’s October Meeting will feature U.S. Senate Candidate, Rep. Jim Newberger

Rep. Jim Newberger will be speaking at the Morrison County Republicans’ October 19th meeting. Newberger is running for U.S. Senate and is seeking the Republican endorsement. He currently represents two precincts in the Southwest corner of Morrison County, as well as precincts in Benton, Sherburne, and Wright Counties. He was elected as a Minnesota State Representative in 2012 and is currently serving his 3rd term. The public is invited to come and listen to him speak. The meeting is Thursday, October 19, at 7pm at the Little Falls Carnegie Library.

Currently, the Morrison County Republicans have their monthly BPOU (Basic Political Organizational Unit) meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month. For a list of events and upcoming meetings and speakers, please visit our website at or our Facebook and Twitter pages: @MorrisonGOP